Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Desden Plate Pillow

In an effort to get some started projects converted to finished projects I have been trying to sew or crochet a little each day this week. I finished the bloomers I need for this coming weekend first (you know, since I will be using them :) and then moved on the this block.

dresden plate pillow

I knew when I made it that it needed to be a pillow. I already had it mapped out in my head. Last night when I went to finish it up I had already had half a glass of wine and none of my (already poor) math skills could see through the haze. So it is different than expected. And then I sewed one of the back panels on backwards and I decided to walk away... Luckily the haze cleared and I finished it today after doing some seam ripping. Lesson learned.

dresden plate pillow


Crissy said...

Me likee them!

sharon said...

very pretty pillows

Anonymous said...

Anilia, this pillow is so beautiful! I love it. Much love to you, Senor and the Bug.
Love, Lisa