Sunday, May 2, 2010

Party time!

First birthday party

We have had a wonderful weekend of family and friends all celebrating together with us. I am always moved beyond words when I see how many people love our little Bug. I feel very blessed.
There were gifts and cake and singing galore and through it all Emerson was smiles and joy. It was the first HOT day in a while here and we all had a good time sweating and eating together. If you click on the picture you can go look at the others. He loved the cake made by our sweet friend Michele.

May photo walk

After saying goodbye to all our guests we spent this morning at the photo walk we try to do once a month with the Baltimore Photo Collective. It is a very cool idea. A bunch of photographers in the same place at the same time and finding out what everyone else saw. I borrowed Jeremy's very nice camera to take pictures with. Emerson quickly got too hot and too much sun though so we headed back to hit the pool at the Y. I love that place. He has so much fun and it is so nice to be able to enjoy it with Senor once in a while.

I must say I feel so strange about this first birthday. It seems like there was never a time when the Bug wasn't part of our lives. I feel his great struggle between independence and dependence already. I feel it in myself too. I always planned to nurse for the first year and now I am beginning the weaning. I don't want to rush it though. There are sometimes when it is so wonderful/helpful/sweet but so many times it is not. I don't want it to become any less pleasant. I want to be always able to look back on it as mostly blissful but I am afraid if it goes on much longer I will resent it. But I worry about weaning being traumatic for him. And completely selfishly I want my body back. Not the body I had before all of this baby stuff happened, just more possession over this body I have been left with. I have started to take a double take at the idea of boobs being anything other than a food source. You mean boobs can be sexy? Really?
Emerson has begun pointing at everything and saying, "Dat?" Sometimes it is so funny because he points at a large sweep of things and all we can say is, "That's a bunch of stuff." Which I imagine is really helpful for figuring out what everything is called. :) I love watching him choose what to eat or point to tell us he needs a drink. It is interesting to see what he wants and wants to know more about.
Okay- enough rambling- dinner time. Hopefully I will be back in the next day or two with the quilt block from this month.

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JoannaP said...

Love the pics! I want a rocket like that. :) And I am so thrilled to see E wearing the turtle onesie.