Monday, May 3, 2010

April Block- Growth

When I heard the selection of the theme "Growth" for April I saw radiating fabric in my mind. I had the urge to use something more traditional than I normally go for just for a little challenge. (I do think following directions is challenging in sewing. Many other things I don't mind but sewing and cooking I have to force myself...)

April Block- Growth

In my search for the perfect thing I found the pattern for a Dresden Plate and knew it would be perfect. I had thought I would apply it off-center or something to make it a little different. When I went to make this I decided to make two in case I messed it up big time (which is always likely here.) I cut out the pattern and put them together. I loved it. But the plate was too big! It had to fit a 10" block with room to attach but it was a full 1o" all by itself. I really thought of cutting more and making it a little smaller but then some how I came to think how neat it would be with pin tucks and then how it would "grow" off the block with some stuffing. And maybe, just maybe, it would fit on the 10" block the way it was supposed to. So I tried mine first to see if I was crazy...

April Block- Growth

It is a little crazy, but so fun! I want to make the block I kept into a pillow cover. They are so squishy and sweet. I added extra sweetness by using a couple more of my grandmother's yo-yo's for the centers. Hand stitched and everything! I know Grace loved it. And check out her lovely block too. It is called "Peace and Plenty":

Grace's April Block- Growth

You can see the rest of the pool on flickr by clicking any of the photos. I can't wait to see everyone's work!

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affectioknit said...

That is so sweet! I love it!