Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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I have been doing plenty of sewing and making and have taken no pictures. There is a wedding coming up for my very best friend and his darling darling so you know, I had to get in on it.

I made them a little tiny ring pillow. Very simple, a square about 4" with a pretty ribbon making an "x" in the center and two ribbons to tie the rings on. And then I found out she didn't yet have a veil so I had to make that too. Also, très simple, just a double layer of tulle gathered and of course I had to put in a few glass beads to give a little glimmer.

For the dress I bought with Cindy the other week I decided bloomers were needed. It is just too cute not to have them and it will make chasing the Bug around less scary if I'm not so worried about my unders showing and no one else has to look at them. :) I am using this pattern. In a aqua to match my shoes. I also made a little turquoise bead necklace with silver accents. I can't help it, the dress needs it. :)

Dive Right In
{Photo by Senor. I just hate to put up words with no pictures....}

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