Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have somethings to show you. First- did you know Spring is really on the way???!!! I wasn't quite convinced but these little flowers told me so. At first I thought they were whispering but then they told me they were yelling the whole time. It only sounded like whispers while they were wrapped up, muffled inside the bud. But when they burst open- then you could really hear them. Can you hear them yelling, "Spring is here! Spring is here!"?

crocus 1

In addition to those lovelies my tree is still muffled beside the house. I saw a glimmer of the purple that is coming. Our tree is very special because it is two trees grown together. One is a japanese magnolia and the other is a special oak? maple? (help me out mom, I can't seem to remember this...) which blooms white after the purple/maroon. I can't wait!!!


All these wondrous things outside inspired me to get to it on this jacket I have been saving for when I had time. (Which I don't actually have, but what do I care? It's spring!)

jacket wip 1

And last but not least my newest favorite thing..... (thanks Nicole, for walking up those stairs.)

silver necklace


kristin said...

oh how i long for spring...we woke up to more snow this morning. blah

love your necklace!

Anonymous said...

in spring i sing wake up songs
in spring i return phone calls
in spring i remember
in spring i stretch
in spring i smile
happy spring!

Anonymous said...

Anilia: it is an amur maple, which is native to north Asia and probably came to the US about the time of the Japanese Maples. It will bloom reddish brown later this spring, and is the only maple with discernable, distinctive, and lovely fragrence. In Asia it is grown as a hedge and used as a wind break...enjoy, along with the magnolia! Mom a