Wednesday, March 12, 2008

buenos dias!

And happy anniversary to us! Can you believe that Seńor and I have been married four years? We've done some crazy things! Do you remember?
One of the things that makes our marriage work so well is Seńor always says yes on the important things.

"Do you want to go on an adventure?"
"Do you want to learn something new?"
"Can i have a sewing machine?"
"Can you make me breakfast?"

And now we are starting a new adventure (no people, I am NOT pregnant) and I can't tell you what it is until a few more details are finished. But I think it is going to be super cool.

On a side note- Have any of you ever seen Tennessee Fainting Goats?
I got to see them this weekend while hanging out with Miss Nic-nicole.


erica said...

I love how one of your labels is "goats". I can't wait to see the other posts in that thread... hehehe.

Happy Anniversary-- how time flies, eh? I can't wait to hear about your new supercool adventure!

Tradition With a Twist said...

Are you finally going to Machu Pichu?

anilia said...

Thanks! I am not telling what we are doing.... yet.

Hmm, I now need more goat interactions so that I can use that tag again...

Anonymous said...

Come on, give us more clues as to the new thing....