Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring!

spring chiken

This little guy is filled with poly and lavender. He first wanted to live in my flowers but then he met the nice lady who is newest in my office. He decided she was the best and nicest person to move in with. She has allowed him to stay on her desk as long as he smells nice and is quiet. He has hairy ears and a beak made out of thread so he thinks being quiet wont be a problem.

I want to make more of them. I want to make super fat ones too!


tedspeed said...

The hairy ears (or as I saw them eyebrows) are a nice touch. Eyebrows are very important components of personality. Big fat ones would be super cool!

anilia said...

You means you thought they were las cejas?

erica said...

I love it! He's very much like our little owls that are strung together and live in our kitchen. =) So neat!