Monday, February 11, 2013

The cradle


When I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted something special and handmade from my father.  Something I couldn't make myself and I didn't want to buy.  A new family heirloom.


I searched the internet for designs and came across a website that had plans for cradles.  I chose a simple, old fashioned style and sent the plans to my father asking if he thought it was doable.  He said yes and I was thrilled.


He went through a lot to get the wood.  It is cherry from a place near his home.  He borrowed and improvised tools.  He learned new techniques and asked for help from all over.  He researched stains and coatings to find the best and safest thing.  He had quite a following on facebook of people checking in on the project and his progress.


I love how he put the boards together.  How it almost looks like eyes watching over her.  How the wood began to shine as Emerson and I rubbed the beeswax and oil coating on it.  How it is so full of love for me, and Sissie and for the babies to come to our growing family.  



Catoctin Mountain Mama said...

Gorgeous! What an amazing gift. My mother has a cradle that has been in our family for awhile and I've been thinking about using it this time around. What did you discover in your research on the safest designs for cradles?

OldBikeRider said...

PLEASE, no OSHA compliant cradles.

This one has several dimensions that favor stability over form and add significant weight and size.

The sides are about 3 inches too high and the rockers are designed to limit tipping angle. The slope of the sides limits entry by rats and ferrets as well as ants. Small dogs too, though no animals were used in testing the design. Both of my dogs sniffed it (n=2, over 16 trials, 2 sniffs per trial)and did NOT try to get in.