Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Each day I realize that this is likely the last time time I will have a baby this age.  Each day I look at her and say, "Ten days, this is what ten days is." I try to drink it all in so I can remember every moment.  Not to form an attachment.   Not to hold onto to something that is impossible to keep.  Just to truly enjoy each moment.  Not to miss or dismiss the everyday for the miracle it is.  These little hands will be bigger tomorrow.  This face will change.  Her body will grow and her needs will be different.


Right now she is so happy to cling onto my shoulder and sleep the day away.  Or nurse and coo.  Or look questioningly into my eyes.


Right now she wants nothing more than to be close and fed and warm.  And now I know for sure that this is the easiest part of her life.  Our simplest relationship is right now, when her demands are few and my desire to care for her is so great.  It will get harder later, as our ideas of bliss diverge.


So today I savor the tiny person she is.  And I don't look forward or back.  I stay right here, right now.


{ps- There are more pictures from this day.  Click any to see the rest.}

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