Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Sweater

I have been making things over here.  When no one is looking.  Sometimes I sit and watch movies and crochet all afternoon with only my bladder to interrupt.  It really is quite amazing.  So different than the last couple years. 

e's 2011 sweater 6

I found a pattern that was kind of like this but in knit and realized that though I know the basic stitches I can't read the patterns and don't know how to do anything that isn't called knit or purl.  So, while I wanted to make this sweater for the Bug I knew I was going to have to resize the pattern.  I couldn't even tell where you were starting on the pattern so I didn't know how to go about resizing.  But I know how to make a baby sweater in crochet.  I know how to resize.  I even taught a class on making fake ribbing in crochet.  So I had everything I needed.

e's 2011 sweater 4

This was going to be all blue.  But I ran out.  Wow did he get big!  I know this should have been expected but I had no idea.  This has about 4 skeins in it.  Granted, the ribbing takes up a lot of yarn... but still, people!  I made him a vest last year that took exactly one skein.  One.

e's 2011 sweater

I haven't tried it on him because it has been too warm.  I really hope he'll wear it.  I love how it turned out!

ps- I finally found a good place to take pictures.  On the front door.  Who woulda thought?

pps- click on any picture to see more.

ppps- Remember this crochet cuteness.

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Kimberly said...

It's so darling and your stitches are flawless.