Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome Autumn

I had never really liked the end of summer when I was little.  I loved the hot sun on my skin and the cool grass on my feet.  Now I feel like I betray summer as I rejoice for autumn's arrival.  Maybe because I love making quilts and sweaters.  Maybe because of the soft crispness in the morning air.  The golden light and the butterflies and the frantic squirrels.
The last few weeks I have been imagining a little boy's vest.  A warm piece that keeps him warm inside before we break down and turn the furnace on.  That will keep him warm while playing in the leaves.
I made up this pattern myself and just finished it today (sitting on the porch, in the sun, where it is 90 degrees!) I made the stitching run a bit the opposite direction most sweaters would have.  I am going to have to wait for a cooler day to put it on him.  I'll get better pictures of it (perhaps in use?) because it seems all of my pictures taken of finished work lately are terrible.  I am not sure when I got so bad at this part... And I haven't blocked it yet so the wonkyness will get fixed when I do.

E's Autum Vest

The yarn is my favorite alpaca.  I used it last year for him. And the year before for myself.  This year it looks like I got started a little early.  And I used a new color.  Aren't you proud?
I found the buttons at a regular sewing store.  I looked and looked and bought some that were brass (I thought the brass would be pretty with the gold woven into the yarn) but they weren't really right.  I took them back and looked and looked some more.  And then I saw these.  And they were so sweet.  Peter Rabbit?  On Mama's lap??  Could I really put them on a little boy's vest?  I consulted Senor.  He said yes.  I knew he was perfect.

E's Autum Vest


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Indelible John said...

Perfect! Just like me :P

anilia said...

You two rock.

the little list said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean about betraying summer. I'm with you! The vest is darling.