Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blame Erica.

I mean that in the nicest possible way.  The other day on Facebook I mentioned that I might have to move all the furniture out of the house because a certain someone was climbing.  Everything.  Erica said something about a house full of pillows sounding very nice.  Yesterday I couldn't blink without finding him on the table, pressed into the window or dangling over the back of the couch.  Even after I turned all the chairs on their sides to make a barricade.  So here we are.
This is now our dining room.  This is the table I got the Bug to work at and now we will all be working at it.  And eating at it.  We'll see how it goes.  We had breakfast on the porch this morning and he was at a friends all morning so after he gets up from the nap we will try lunch. 

Monkey House
This is the living room.  He can still climb onto the couch, just now I don't think he will break anything and if he falls it should be less painful for us all.  And he can move his chairs around to get up to look out the window but not so much crawl out of it. 

Monkey House

Monkey House

Over here he can climb up and look at the pictures in the bookcase.  Because I am really not about making him stop (as if I could, ha!)  I just want it to be safer for him and less traumatic for me.  I couldn't make dinner, go pee, put music on, or anything that didn't involve looking directly at him the last few days.  Or there he was, sitting on the table eating sugar straight from the bowl...

Monkey House

Alright- he's up.  We're going to make lunch now.

Monkey House


Laura said...

oh, anilia... how funny!!!! i will have to take pictures of our dining room and living room to show you how silly it looks when Jack is awake! The joys of having a little boy!!! Your house is beautiful, furniture-less and ALL!!!

Cindy Stephens said...

Or there he was, sitting on the table eating sugar straight from the bowl...

Sounds like me when I was a kid. My mom said she came into my room when I was 13 months old and I was sitting on top of the dresser with the top drawer open and a diaper on my head!

anilia said...

I can't wait to see it Laura.
Cindy- I am not in the least surprised.

diber said...

From one mother of a climber to another--it won't last forever. I promise. to be honest I had the hardest time with 12-24mos. Esp in the 18mo range.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

My son at two saw a Curious George video, Curious George had used a curtain to climb with. Sure enough with in hours he was trying to climb my walls using my curtains. I had two girls before my son and they would prefer to draw on the walls not climb them.

You will all survive this.