Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cha-cha- changes...


I just love hearing the Bug talk so much.  Instead of a g sound at the end of words he does a t sound and it cracks me up.  I know it won't be long before he drops that and starts sounding even more grown up so I am enjoying it now.  Where's papa go-int?  What's mama do-int? I'm cook-int. I'm sing-int!
We've also been hearing a lot more singing.  He sings Twinkle, Twinkle over and over and the "Abcd's" too.  One morning on the walk to school he was watching the sky and pointing out airplanes and clouds when he saw the moon.
"What's dat?"
"Hmm, what is that?"
"Yea. Dat the moon!"
He then commenced singing Twinkle at the top of his lungs.  It is pretty awesome.  Very punk rock.  It totally melts my heart.
Earlier in the morning when he came into our room he told us, "I need to sing!" and went back to his room to pick up his uke ("dougar") and just strummed.
School seems so wonderful for him.  There have been some tears in the mornings but they change into not wanting to leave at the end of the day and asking to go back all evening.  I get the impression he likes it.  Last night on our walk he said he wanted to go see one of his teachers.  It is so wonderful to feel so good about the program.
He is also finally counting using all the numbers in order.  It was "2, 5, 6!" here for a long time.  He looks at papers and tells us if the characters are numbers or letters.  He stays up very late from being so excited.
We just changed the bedtime routine so 9 is bedtime.  And we count down.  30 minutes, what do you want to do? 5 minutes, time to brush teeth!  2 minutes, let's get cozy!  John and I are just sitting by the bed instead of laying down with him now and there is absolutely no talking after lights out.  I don't know that it is working though.  He still is awake until 10 most nights.  Just laying there quietly in the dark trying to sleep.  I'm not sure what the solution is though.

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