Friday, August 19, 2011

Came and Went

Thursday came and went.  I'm still waiting for that post for you all so when it gets here I will put it up.
In the mean time things have been fast and fun here.  Readjusting.  Learning new skills.  Finding our rhythm again.

craft table.JPG

He has discovered scissors.  And gotten more interested in drawing.  Look at those papers.  Multiple colors and lots of lines.  This is very new.  Before it was one or two lines and then eat the crayon or marker. 
The scissors are his favorite.  It seems to be going around right now.  Soulemama and Meg from Sew Liberated are also posting these kinds of images.  He tells me, "I need cut." and "Trimmy, trimmy, I need trimmy."
And of course, stickers.  He is able to take them off the sheet and place them all by himself now.  It is quite amazing really.  When you watch someone trying this for the first time and you see just how hard it really is.  Amazing these things we do everyday and don't even think of.  But really, it is so complex.  Walking. Stirring. Peeling stickers and putting them on another piece of paper.

cutting and drawing.JPG

In the gifted time he sits and diligently works at this table I have been knitting.  My sister in law, Erica, taught me how on Saturday.  I decided I was ready to learn.  And it turns out, it is so easy.  I went to the yarn store and told the lady working there that I needed to get yarn and needles because I was going to learn to knit that day.  She asked if I wanted yarn for a scarf.  I said I was planning on a sweater.  She asked if I had a pattern.  I said no, just an idea.  She tried not to laugh.  It was funny.  I would have totally responded the same way.  She did help me and was lovely.   This is the sweater shape I am doing.  See?  You don't need a pattern for that.
This was what I did on day one.

first day knitting.JPG

Have a lovely weekend!!

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