Tuesday, January 12, 2010


8 months 004

Can we (I) talk about this little guy for a few minutes? I know it is in between the monthly thing I do but he is changing so much right now! For one, he weighs 20 pounds. Yes, 20! That means out of the infant car seat we have been stuffing him into like a sausage and into a "little boy" car seat.

8 months 064

And oh the things there are to see from this angle- He looked around at us and out the window and smiled and talked and stared until he couldn't take it any more and passed right out.

8 months 066

On that same trip he got to eat a fresh puffed rice cake from the H-mart for the first time and he has been loving them ever since. Byebye puree, hello solid solid food!
I asked the nurse if she thought he would walk before he had teeth and she said don't worry, those gums can chew up just about anything. Teeth? Who needs 'em?!
He wants so bad to crawl. He scoots and pulls and slides and last night he even pulled his bum off the floor from a sitting position. The nurse also told me don't be surprised if he skips crawling in favor of walking, or if he only tries the crawling for a week before moving on. I can't believe it.
His hair is also coming back in very fast now, you can almost see the difference every morning. It just gets fluffier and fluffier. And the chattering, more and more complex. I am so thrilled to hear him talk, knowing he is strengthening his muscles and learning each sound. One day he will say, "Hey, what about a waffle for breakfast?"

8 months 068

Right now he has been out of me almost exactly as long as he was in me. Which is crazy. I can't remember him not being with us.

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Mom A said...

Nor can we. What a sweetie.