Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Neighbors or Button, Button

I made a from a pattern (I always think "recipe") in Stitch Magazine. My sweet neighbor Jill asked me if I could use some old pants that needed to be retired and of course I said yes. When she was dropping them off she also asked if I could make a small bag for her out of them. I immediately thought of this pattern (recipe).

jill's bag pattern from stitch mag

I had in mind to make myself one as well and almost cut out my fabric at the same time but didn't for whatever reason. And now I am glad. I like this bag, but it isn't the kind I would carry (I need far more room for diapers and rice puffs) and though my bag would be made of different fabric I would have cut it to line up the same (since I was going to use some retired corduroys as well) and I feel like the effect isn't the same as the picture in the magazine where the sides are different from each other. Though it may just be the denim that is throwing me. I tend to keep denim in jeans and the occasion skirt and away from everything else...
The finishing of this bag took a while because I needed a button- for want of a button?- luckily when I told Jill what the hold up was she said she could bring over a jar of buttons and low and behold, she had the perfect button. Unbelievable! So now it is off in the hands of it's new (old?) owner and I think they will both be very happy together. It was such fun to hand it to Jill the first time! :)

jill's bag 002

(sorry about the flash photo- the snow made it very dark yesterday....)


JoannaP said...

I love that pattern (recipe). It looks very cute. Soon enough E will be able to carry his own diapers and snacks in a little backpack and you can carry all kinds of cute bags.

sharon said...

I REALLY like that Anilia.