Thursday, January 28, 2010

At 9 months~

9 months 010, originally uploaded by Mr & Mrs Speeed.

You are:

Saying "giggle","hoydle", "doydle", "deedle" rolling all the consonants.
Rolling to get everywhere.
Scooting to get everywhere.
Getting two teeth! on there way in on the bottom!
Clicking said teeth on your water glass.
Standing holding onto things.
Swinging in your own swing at the playground.
Entertaining yourself to sleep a lot.
Crying when one of the parents walks away, even if the other the other is still there.
Crying when we take away a "toy" (like a magazine you are about to ingest all of)
Grabbing everything! Watch out!!
Sleeping through some nights.
Skipping naps.
Chewing on shoes.
Smiling and laughing at the dog and cats.
Eating anything we give you.
Having your baths alone in the tub.
Clapping your hands and feet.

(19lbs and 13oz. Still 28 inches long.)

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Mom A said...

Cute beyond words.