Monday, August 31, 2009

What I've been up to-

One day last week I could feel September in the air. I somehow ended up at Anthropologie recently and found myself trying on sweaters and capes and all things fall/winter. I am very excited about the feeling in the air today, the clothing we will all soon be wearing and of course, the chance to dress the Bug in beautiful handmade items.

Crochet and nursing

So I got out my crochet hooks and checked in with Ravelry to find some fun things. And then I got to work.

Baby sweater Crochet 007

Last week I finished this little sweater as much as I will until I think he is ready to wear it. It may fit just the way it is or I may be adding to it. He grows so fast I have no idea. It was super quick, easy and so sweet I want to eat it. I made it from the yarn I had left over from the cloche I felted last year. Such wonderful wool!

Cap Crochet 004

This hat I started on Saturday and just finished up. I used two strings of sock yarn to get the gauge and I think it will fit him by the winter. It is a merino bamboo blend. Yummy.

All of this is a little hard for me to admit as I have always been a die hard summer fan. But hormones, humidity, and age (Oh my!) have taken their toll. I wonder if this is what people mean when they say you will become more moderate as you age?

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erica said...

Fun stuff all around! I knitted a similar sweater for Kent before he was born (in a yellow baby yarn, which I ended up hating), and I loved the pattern even though it was almost never cool enough for him to wear it that winter. I ADORE that hat and the yarn you used-- and it'll look so good with the sweater! I always get excited about fall/winter clothing and can't wait for the end of the summer, so I get what you mean completely. =)