Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend fun

1. the Bug has slept in his own bed for two full nights in a row. Of course, this morning the monitor turned itself off and the dog had to wake us up so we would hear him crying. I don't know how long E was upset but he calmed right down so I can't think it was too long. Go Zo for playing Lassie!

Emerson 3.5 months sleeping in his bed

2. Water in the basement. Again.

3. Fans in the basement. Again.

4. A fantastic art opening where the Bug got to meet many cool new creatures and friends. Go see it if you're in town.

At Missy's opening

5. Gazpacho!

6. Mom Mom visiting today :)


Mom A said...

Have a good time with Mom Mom and hope the water situation is under control. hugs for all. And Zo...she was just doing her job caring for her Bug. The password of the day is Mahio! as in

Mom A said...

That boy is getting ready for a growth spurt.

Lauren said...

What a gorgeous quilt! WOW. You look so happy in that photo too, Anilia!