Tuesday, August 4, 2009


1. Tonight is date night.
2. I bought a new dress and a very cool shirt for John so we could both feel great about ourselves tonight.
3. We are going to have free Lebanese thanks to some handy gift cards.
4. We are going to see Harry Potter in 3-d at the Imax!
5. I just bought plane tickets to Atlanta for Thanksgiving because I found a great deal.
6. Crissy and Jeremy are awesome.
7. Did I mention date night???!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited about all of it, but the 'bought plane tickets to Atlanta' really made me smile!!! Let us know your flight info so we can track logistics for Thanksgiving.
Much love to you, Senor and the adorable Bug,

Mom A said...

Woo woo for dates and Thanksgiving!