Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quilt Wounds, the Bug Man and the Mail

Today is the most wonderful Thursday. All day I have been working on the quilt. I made the "sandwich" (put down the backing, laid out the batting and basted on the top) and sewed down each of the seams. Of course, this part isn't perfect. Have I mentioned I don't do perfect? But it is very workable.
Quilt Sandwich
My next idea was that I could machine stitch the patterns onto each square but I quickly realized I was being too ambitious. If it was smaller I could free hand machine it but it is just too big. So after a couple botched attempts I gave up and got out the biggest hoop I could find. I managed to do just over half the first block before giving in and calling Senor to ask for curved needles. Between the twenty lines of basting this morning and that half a square sewing blind my hands are pretty much pincushions. And I think I have a blister coming up on my index finger. Reminds me of climbing!
This morning a man came over to the house to talk about bugs. The other day we came home and there were about a hundred "water bugs" on the front steps of the house. Senor came out and about fumigated the whole neighborhood and the next morning there were three hundred upside down all over the porch and stairs! Yikes! There are also some ants in the kitchen and really, I just can't handle bugs. The ants are one thing, they are annoying, they eat the cat food, but they are tiny. The water bugs on the other hand- bwwwa and yucky! I can't think about it too much...
On a much happier note, the mail man came by today while I was standing in the doorway and told me he didn't have any mail for me, which was just fine. He picked up a mis delivered envelope waiting on the mailbox and walked away. A moment later he came back and tossed a white bubble wrap envelope back through the door. It contained a rocket ship and a card that yells all the symptoms you might hear from your 80 year old jewish grandmother. Many of which I frequently have... I giggled out loud once I got over the shock of a yelling greeting card. Thanks Nicole, I totally needed that.
{sorry for crappy pictures... camera phones, blah!}

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erica said...

I hear ya on the quilt puncture wounds. I know some people use thimbles, but they just kind of get in my way, so when I'm quilting, I have to settle for either (1) quilting in short bursts, like 1/2 a block at a time, or (2) working through the pain and then not quilting for a week so that my finger can heal. Yeesh. It's a hard world we live in. =)

Not commenting on the bugs, because I don't want to think about them either...