Sunday, May 11, 2008

The kindness of (m)others

Today my friend Annie left after spending a wonderful whirlwind 36 hours with me. Her kindness and warmth always inspires me. Thank you.
Senor is away with his mother for the weekend so I am trying to catch up on some laundry, vacuuming and neatening. In doing these simple things my mind has been free to wonder to ruminations on the things in my hands. I came across a project that fills me with happiness for my mother. In being suddenly a person who can Create things I feel like I can give exactly what I want or think best as gifts. I also came across the card I haven't sent out yet for mother's day. Don't worry mom, it is coming!! Thank you for inspiring my imagination.
quilts 008
I've been around the bed all day. Folding clothes on it, taking off the sheets and remaking it. I've also been thinking of quilts all day because of another project I am getting ready to start. I have an amazing quilt that is on my bed almost all the time and has been for the last four years. Grace, Jeremy's mom, made it for Senor and I when we got married. I have always loved it. I love that it made up of fabrics I would have never even contemplated and it is gorgeous. I love that no matter what I bring home for the bedroom the quilt always matches or is complimented by it. I love that it has a curvy vine pattern stitched onto it with heart shaped leaves. And now that I am sewing I love the amount of work and skill put in and then given as a gift. Thank you Grace, know that I thank you often for this amazing treasure.
And one last thank you to Nicole. I think of you and thank you every time I sit down to write. Your lovely gifts are often in my hands.

Happy Mother's Day!

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