Saturday, July 26, 2014

This girl.

Has it been forever since I talked about her?  I feel like it.  Each day she grows so much you can tell the next day.  I think she is two inches taller than a month ago.  Suddenly reaching the edge of the counter with her little exploring fingers.  Reaching for whatever she can get.  Last night she climbed over the back of the high chair and into the seat for the first time.  Nothing is safe on the table now.
She signs all the time, learning a new sign every day if you offer them.  Yesterday she woke up from her nap and earnestly signed, "Help. Want dog."  So very sweet.  And out we went to find a neighbor walking a dog to love on.
She loves to walk and find friends at every stop.  She squats down and holds her hands out and rubs her fingers together to call to birds and squirrels and cats and dogs to come to her.  I will pet you, she promises.  I will be gentle.  I've never seen another toddler so gentle to animals.  So in control of her hands.
What a pleasure it is to spend the whole day with her alone.  I feel like I am really getting to know her again.  What she likes to do and eat and when she wants to sleep.  On her schedule for really the first time of her life.  Emerson and Papa are gone all day and it is just us girls.  Yesterday to the pool and out with the stroller.  In with books and snacks and watching the rain.  The day before down to some shops downtown touching the fibers together, blowing kisses to the shop owners as we left each one.
And the kisses.  Kisses for you, kisses for me.  Kisses for Emerson and Papa and Susie kitty and Fifi.  Kisses for her pillow and blow them to all the other friends too.
Now she loves cleaning.  Give her a baby wipe and you can just watch for 10 minutes while she does around cleaning. Wipe and wipe and wipe.  Until it is shiny.
Always, always, the sweetness of such a love.  A reminder everyday that her name means blessing, offering.


Mom A said...

Sweet words from a sweet momma for her sweet babe.

Mom A said...

The sun glasses, oh my