Friday, July 18, 2014

Busy and Full

Our days are flashing by.  Today, Emerson went to school for a half day.  Next week he'll start for real and he got into an amazing music program so he'll be at school all day.  I imagine he'll be bushed at the end of the day.  Out OT reminded us to prepare for meltdowns in the first month and to keep our calm so that he can regain his.  I might put some signs up for us.

Today is rainy and grey.  Perfect and cool.  I love days like this, they are such a blessing in the summer.  I have a pile of patterns and ideas to work on.  I have marketing work. I have house work.  But it will all keep a little longer.  Yesterday, once the baby (can I call her that still??) was asleep Emerson and I drew pictures and read stories.  I left the dishes piled high in the sink.  I knew there were only a few more days like this left and it was so much more important to just be with him 100%.  It was the right choice.  So seldom is there time to just enjoy each other one on one.

And then this morning he came in to wake me up, already dressed (we'd laid out his clothes) and sweet as pie.  It was easy to shuffle everyone to the table and into shoes and out the door.  Such a blessing.  Yesterday he told me, "I'm glad to go to kindergarten.  I feel like I am growing up so fast.  In just ten years I'll be a grown up!"  Oh, yes, my love.  But for today, you're my buddy.

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