Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nature Center Walks

I found the WNC Nature Center a bit by accident.  I would have looked for it more in Spring because the name led me astray, but when I passed a sign that pointed to way I had to check it out.  Turns out, it is a zoo with only local animals and farm animals.  Perfect really.  I was imagining lot's of trails and things like that.  Not so perfect for the winter and this belly.


We've been three times in the few weeks we've been here.  It is a small place but it wasn't until this last time that we even walked the whole thing.  Because the farm area is so engaging we can't get him out.  I mean, how can you leave this giant bunny.  Especially when it isn't a "petting" animal but it stays there while you sneak your arm in and the lovely people who work there don't seem to mind a bit.

Right next door to him is a little area for doing "farm work." A couple small wheel barrows, rakes, shovels and bean bags.  And some hay to feed through the fence.  Hours of entertainment.  And then chickens and an old tractor nearby?  Goats and sheep to pet?  This adorable fluff ball:


Three year old perfection.  And for mama?  A bench and bathroom in the barn.  Ah.  What more could you hope for, really?

Finally though, I had to see the rest.  We came across many animals all enjoying the perfect weather and sunshine.  Mostly of the dog and cat variety which had E saying, at every turn, how they could come live with us, or might like some pets too.

I think they mostly wanted to keep their distance.  But they watched as we came by, and seemed to give us a nod.  And when the walk got a little long, we both agreed a stop for a snack was in order.  And we sat among the rhododendrons and the little evergreens and looked up at the bare oaks and poplar reaching into the sky.  We heard the crows talking to each other, and, E thought, saying hello just to him. 


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Mom A said...

They wanted him to know they were glad he came by.