Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jumping through hoops


Our dear friend gave Emerson gymnastics lessons for his Christmas gift.  I've been looking for just the thing to start him with since before we moved.  I thought maybe dance classes or soccer but after we moved I found this great gymnastics place.  I wanted him to have a dedicated class that doesn't involve me where he could be learning to use his body and have to follow directions.  He has a lot of free play time in our other activities and I wanted this to be about learning some self regulation and discipline along side getting the energy out.


The gym has terrible lighting but here are a few images from his first class.  I am excited to watch him grow and learn here in a small class where he will get to both run and jump and flip and have to wait his turn.  Also, I'll be sitting in the lobby crocheting or cooing at a baby while all that is happening.  Bliss.


{Thank you dear Nicole!}

Ps- E wants you to know that the red parts are the lava and the hoops are the safe spots. :)

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erica said...

Just now seeing this-- how cool! This looks a lot like the facility at LSU where Kent had gymnastics, and the instructor looks like she's great with E and kids in general. :) So glad you guys have this!