Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear September,

Oh, how fast you've gone!  I blame it on your perfect weather and packed schedule.  It has been so nice to enjoy every moment of sunshine and cool mornings.  I even actually want to drink hot drinks in the morning again!
I've felt as Sissie becomes ever more active.  I've planned and prepped and planned again.  I watched Emerson discover the fun of camping and of jumping pillows.  I've giggled as he told me he is a "grown mup" now.  I found out about the death of my best friends mother and celebrated her life with his family.  I've cried and laughed.  I've sat by a water fall and watched the sun light sparkle across the mica filled sand.
I've driven many, many miles.  I've watched dreams get closer to reality.  I've seen magic on a playground, in a sand box and in a bowl of play dough.  I've rejoiced in the company of family.
Thank you for being so sweet and mostly gentle.
All of us

{picture by Carolyn, or maybe Debbie?}

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