Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: Summer Snacks

 Fresh cantoloupe

I was trying to figure out what was a perfect first topic and looked down at my hand to find the perfect inspiration.  Summer is the best time for fresh food.  And so, the snacks are good.  Really good.
Today I cut open a cantaloupe with the Bug jumping up and down under my elbow asking over and over for "Mel! Mel!"  It is so refreshing when the thermometer is going up and up.

I love being able to pull something simple out of the fridge and being ready to go for snack time (which, you know, with a toddler comes every few minutes ;-)  I am lucky that the Bug isn't too picky an eater.

Here are a few of the things we have in regular rotation right now and some things I want to add more of:

Hummus with just about anything.  He even puts grapes in it.
Crackers- we are all a little addicted to these which I love because they have only about four ingredients.
Grapes/melon/blueberries or other berries.  He would eat the whole container or melon so I have to hide half of them.
Frozen pops.  Here is a little article on making them at home. I got some green juice at Trader Joes today and will be freezing that into pops.
Smoothies.  Almost always with a kale base and then apples, lemon, banana or whatever is around.  I keep frozen blueberries on hand at all times.
Carrots and cucumber slices- with hummus, laughing cow cheese or olive oil and vinegar.
Cheese sticks- I don't love these for him (and I don't eat them at all) but he really likes them and he doesn't drink milk anymore so I don't feel too bad about it.
Nuts- any kind- raw- yum!
Apples with nut and seed butters.

I try to keep the snacks to a ratio that is over half raw fruit and veggies.  As an adult eating fruit and veggies all day pretty much makes sure I don't add on any extra pounds and helps keep my blood clean.  For the Bug, it also gets him a lot closer to 6-8 servings a day than we could ever get with meals alone. On occasion we also give him this green food powder which he loves and will roll his fruit in or eat by the handful.  It tastes great in drinks too.

So, what is your go to snack in the summer?  Does it energize you?

{picture from ktylerconk}


Cindy said...

Fruit, as much of it as I can. Any kind except for pineapple because I'm allergic. And yup, it leaves me energized and not concerned with weight gain.

And granola when I need an extra bit of umph. Man, I love granola. ;)

I also love water as snack. Funny how people don't often think of it as such but when I find myself hungry during the day, often a glass of water will stave the crave. If not, it's back to fruit or some raw veggies (with hummus). Seeds, nuts. I love the energy foods. Rawr!

OldBikeRider said...

Ice cream, Gotta have some balance in life...

Lana Banana said...

Actually I eat that fruit yesterday after a hard work out in the evening... :)