Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GSC Ending

I have a confession.  I started buying clothes again.  It started last month.  I feel like 10 months is pretty good...  Especially since I didn't make nearly the amount of things I expected.  I blame this on school and the small one.  But mostly, it was because I was lazy.  I need to find a new word for lazy.  One that isn't negative.  Because I like that I don't take life at a full out run. 
Anyhoo-  Here is a simple summer nightgown I made this week.  I saw this last week and felt like I could just make it.  So simple right?  I happened to stumble across this tutorial and though the sexiness is way off I went with it.  I, of course, messed with the basic idea.


I lined it because my fabric is sheer.  I made the straps wider and made them cross over in the back.  I made the upper piece and the lining from bed sheets so it is super, super soft. 

Nightie detail

It is also pretty long, below the knee.  There went the rest of the sexiness.  Ah well, there is always next time...
You may recognize the fabric from all that time ago.  It takes me a while.


Bethany :-) said...

I would probably leave the house in this and wear it as a dress. it is just lovely :-)

AlisaRock said...

Awesome. Looks Double Dutch inspired.

Not lazy. Laid back.

JoannaP said...

You are conserving energy. Very different from lazy.