Thursday, December 16, 2010

Topsy turvy

Christmas Tree 2010 050

Today is the first day I have felt caught up in a while.  Which is so powerful because I don't think I could have handled today without at least that.  And a super nap from the boy...
I don't ever remember such a roller coaster like time in my life.  Maybe I have become sensitive or perhaps everything really is a big deal, one way or the other.  Ever since about Thanksgiving I have been wobbling back and forth between delight and distress.  Case in point:
After dinner last night the Bug broke our French press.  I had had a presentiment about it earlier in the day and was completely unsurprised.  But so sad.
Later I was on the phone for a long time with someone about the opportunities we might find for working together as I finish my school.  This was very exciting and full of hope and promise.  Amazing!
I got off the phone and went up to meet Senor in bed and couldn't find my pajamas.  I asked him if he knew where they were.  He pulled them from beneath the covers piping hot.  It really is true love.
He then asked me if all the things that I had made for some folks he was meeting with in the morning were ready.  Crap!
Back down stairs to finish up...
This morning I woke up to a text message telling me not to let the neighbor kids play in the yard anymore.  Our lace leaf Japanese maple was destroyed last night.  I thought perhaps a branch or two were knocked off.  When I looked out the window and saw only the trunk and one tiny bit of a branch left I nearly threw up.  We planted it a month after we moved in here.  I don't have any idea if it will survive.  Now I have to control myself while I confront those boys later today. (I am assuming they will show up and pretend they have no idea what I am talking about.)  I am really looking forward to that part being over.  All I really want to do is cry about it.
This afternoon I got a whole bunch of Christmas present making done and am hoping for more tonight.  It has been snowing all afternoon.

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