Thursday, November 11, 2010


hot water bottle cozies 002

I have been thinking lots of things.  I have been making lots of things.  I have been studying lots of things.  And so, not so much time to write here.

hot water bottle cozies 007

One of the things I read from Integrative Nutrition was about using hot water bottles in bed at night to keep you warm and help digestion.  Since our house is always chilly in the winter and I am a cold footed person I latched on to this idea right away.  And the Bug sleeps in under jams and over jams.  For real.  His room is chilly.  And he has been coming and getting in bed us around one anyway.

hot water bottle cozies 008

So we all needed a hot water bottle.  And cozies!  Which we should be able to tell apart.  (because it is important  for some reason not to share cozies ;)  And I had such fun making "boo".  Of course, I only had time to make two like that.  The last one was just fast as could be.

hot water bottle cozies 004

We are getting plenty of use from them.  The whole thing seems so old fashioned and sweet to me.  It always reminds me of our trip to Ireland where every B&B put one at the foot of the bed for us.

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Kimberly said...

I love this idea and the individual cozies are so cute. I have been thinking of heating up a rice wrap and putting in bed with us, but I really like this old-fashioned take. It reminds me of Little Women.