Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dolman sleeves

I think about clothing and designing clothing pretty much all the time.  Some garment is swimming around in my head every minute.  I occasionally focus on something else enough to make dinner or accomplish my class work.  I almost never feel like I have the time or attention span to translate these ideas into actual items.  Yesterday I decided to stop making excuses and draft a pattern for a shirt.  A knit, no less.  And so I got out Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified and opened to the shirt page.  Okay, first I put on Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days for the Bug.  Then I pulled out the book.  I followed the instructions until it got to the sleeve part.  I wanted dolmen sleeves for two reasons.  One, I like the look.  Two, I am lazy and it means less cutting and less sewing.  Both of the latter reasons are a huge bonus for working with a knit fabric too.  I mean, the less cutting and sewing the less likely you will get something wonky with a seam.  Which I hear happens.
I drew the sleeves and used a dress makers curve for the armpit.

Dolman sleeved

After putting the Bug to bed I went down and cut out and put together the whole thing in about an hour.  And the fit is perfect.  The fabric isn't so flattering to my skin tone but this is a muslin really.  I am so very pleased.  More will be coming.

Dolman sleeved

A few notes on other subjects:
1) My camera screen still isn't here so I apologize for the terrible pictures lately.
2) Links to our wishlists are in the sidebar for family.
3) I am building a planted/fence/gate this weekend.  The pictures should be at least funny.
4) I am almost halfway through my GSC project.  I really haven't missed cloth buying.  I thought I would have made more garments by now but life is far too busy to allow for such luxury.


Mom A said...

Wow! looks good to me, put on a little rouge and you're good to go!

Sara and Emma said...

that is a very adorable shirt!