Monday, April 20, 2009

A funny thing about my life and some random-ness

Okay- so mostly I don't drive the car that Senor and I share. Today was an exception which was really good because it was pouring cats and dogs all morning and I would have been in serious trouble if I had been walking. And by trouble I mean wet.
Despite not actually using my own car I spend very little time walking anymore and often drive a car everyday. Usually it is a Volvo, but there are also a couple of BMW's, Ford cargo vans, and recently a Mercedes Benz SUV.
I go to the bank three or four times a week and recently began wondering if anyone noticed that I come in a different car each time. What would they think? Do you think they would suspect drug dealing? Maybe I have multiple families and lead multiple lives. Or perhaps they would just think I am doing much better financially than I actually do.
Senor thinks I am so charming I can talk the keys off a stranger. It kind of makes me want to try it sometime. Just see if I could... I have walked up to total strangers who didn't speak very much English and taken over to parallel park their cars for them. Does that count?

In other, interesting imaginary worlds, when we got home today there were two guys with a pickup truck in our back alley cutting up bicycles and appliances and putting them in the back of the truck. They were loading them out of a house a couple doors down. It was very strange and I couldn't help imagining that they were serial killers and this was the way they were hiding the evidence. Now, I don't know what evidence they were getting rid of loudly and for a long time in broad daylight or why slicing up bicycles with chain saws would be helpful in the endeavor. But I really couldn't help but think they were up to no good. Like maybe those bikes had souls...


erica said...

Okay, I freaked out a little (in a good way) when I saw your baby ticker just now and it said "17 days to go." That's not very many. =)

Those guys with the chainsaws sound really odd-- I love seeing weird things like that, but it can sometimes take up too much of my time trying to figure out what was happening. It always makes me wonder what weird things I do that other people wonder about. We should just all ask each other more questions, I think.

And yes, I agree with Senor that you could totally talk the keys off a stranger. Guys who need to steal someone's car for a high-speed chase should take you with them, and then they wouldn't have to shoot anyone.

Little Apple said...

I love this post so much for some reason. I was cracking up picturing all of it. You describe things so well. And it oozes pregnancy paranoia. I posted a story about my due date 4 years ago where I thought a serial killer or a cut-you-open newborn baby snatcher was trying to get me. But really, these things only happen on Lifetime, right?

anilia said...

Only to defend myself a little, I have to tell you that Senor was totally freaked out by the guys chainsawing bikes as well. It caused a lot of noise and flying sparks and was just plain weird!

OldBikeRider said...

Pictures of the bike snatchers - please!