Thursday, April 9, 2009

And the cat came back.

I've been framed!
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Not willingly mind you. He showed almost no recognition at first and slunk around until he could hide under the bed of the lady who has had him since October. Now he is sitting on the back of the couch next to me and I can see his heart is beating about a million times a minute.
Senor called me this morning and said, "I think someone who actually has Sydney just called me." This was surprising because lot's of people have called after seeing the poster and a random black cat. After talking for a few minutes to all of these wonderful, well-meaning people, Senor always establishes that it is not Sydney that they are looking at.
So it was quite a shock that this seemed to be him. After seven months... I can now say that I was never heartbroken that he was gone. I had no doubt that he was living with someone and getting tons of attention and very happy. And part of the reason I was never heartbroken was because I fully expected that he would be back around the time the baby came. I have thought of it no less than a hundred times. Sometimes he was back the week before in my imagination, often we were bringing the baby home for the first time and Syd was waiting for us on the porch.
Of course, I know this makes no sense.
Sebastien is looking at Syd very suspiciously. Syd had hissed at Zo half a dozen times... I think we are in for an adjustment period right before our adjustment period.


erica said...

Wow, what amazing news! I'm so happy for your family that Syd rejoined you. He may think twice when the baby comes and wish he had stayed under that woman's bed instead... ;)

jack said...

Syd is probably thinking, "Man, things have changed around here... look at her! She's huge! What happened??"

said with all brotherly love, in eager anticipation of Kent's new cousin ;)

Cindy said...

Oh, yay! Anilia, I'm so happy for you guys! This makes me feel fuzzy all over

sharon said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. my eyes just got all teary. that is so wonderful. yah!!!! I second Cindy's fuzzy feelings.