Monday, February 16, 2009

Hair today, what tomorrow?

Let's go for a tour, shall we? It is a tour of my head... luckily for you it will only be a tour of the outside. No insides today.
I will start with the most recent and work backwards.

Hair 08 winter

This is fairly recent and basically what I am working with now. It is a little longer but you get the idea.

hair 08 summer

Over the summer. Right before prenatal vitamins started working magic...

hair 08 spring

Early 2008. I was so happy when this grew out!

hair 07 winter

Winter of 2007. I loved this look and always felt sexy... I have no idea why I went short in the spring...

hair 07? 06?

This happened in a fit of Alyssa Milano love. Seriously. I don't know either...

hair 03.04 104

From our reception. Five years ago next month. Crazy.

All of this is just because I want a different look but don't want to cut my hair so I am trying to decide about maybe bangs again. I think I am going to go for it. I wish I was still willing to dye my hair looking at these pictures because I clearly look best with darker hair.

Maybe tomorrow...

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