Sunday, February 8, 2009

Constructed, green and the mail

cutting table

Completed last night. With a little more geometry than we use on a daily basis, but we survived. it is a cutting/craft table. The coolest part? The top is a cutting surface that I can use the roller or an exacto or whatever on. How freaking cool is my husband?!!! And it is huge and tall. I can hardly stand not to be using it but the ideas are coming so fast I haven't had time sort them out...

hindu rope



All little plants from our local place and all the dishes they are in from our favorite gigantic thrift store. How cool is that. Green things make me happy, both plants and recycled items.

Cat dish

Speaking of recycled items- what cat doesn't deserve to eat out of a footed cut glass dish? I found this at the thrift store as well. And since we are down to one cat, I thought it might be time to downsize from the gigantic, ugly bowl we had down.


And finally, this came in the mail from a cousin in Philly. I am hoping it means this child is coming with money. :-P

Have a happy Sunday.


erica said...

Wow, that table rocks! The possibilities are endless... I absolutely hate sliding fabric around on my little cutting mat when I need big pieces, so I'm a bit jealous. =)

Also, that t-shirt is hilarious. I wonder what the others say.

Cindy said...

I wore your apron at my friend's house tonight. When I told her you made if for me, she asked if she could commission you to make her one. Would you be interested in doing such a thing?

You really should open an Etsy shop! Your sewing projects are always so awesome!