Monday, September 29, 2008

Laying up with Mr Wheezey

I stayed home today in an effort to convince my giant foot that there is no reason to be growing a lemon for an ankle. I have some kind of ridiculous staph infection that is making it damn near impossible to walk... Not being able to walk makes everything else much harder. I can certainly understand why people like single level homes. The weirdest thing about this is I have had the same thing happen in the other foot. Who gets two of these kind of strange infections?
In other news, Mr Wheezey (the kitten formerly known as "Tiny Kitten") is still living in our basement bathroom. Are you people advertising this kitten to friends or what? No comments at all on a post with a picture of a tiny kitten! Heartless fiends! The lot of you! Pretty soon Mr Wheezey is going to need a committee to help find it a home- please spread the word.
Just to make sure you understand the need of Mr Wheezey for a new home I will place pictures of him again as soon as I hobble all the way down there to take pictures and back up to the second floor.


sharon said...

O.k.- i'm not laughing because of your giant foot or Mr. Wheezy living in the bathroom but the way you described all of these unfortunate life oddities are just so darn amusing.

sharon said...

O.k. I meant to say Is. Is Amusing. And It's Not 11:10 pm. It's 2:08 am and I'm still not done reading. Fudge on a stick.

Anonymous said...

How are you doing? Is it getting any better? Take good care of yourself.