Thursday, September 4, 2008

Because mostly, I suck

uggg. I feel like I never have the time to put up things that I think are cool and then I forget what they were in the first place. So here it is in abbreviated list form.

1. It is love thursday so here you go: I found it at a gas station in Connecticut I think...
gas station love

2. Greenfield is lovely and so are these people. We all had a great time.
greenfeild 025

3. Zo especially liked coming along! Thank you she says!
greenfeild 008

3a. We had to stop for the perfect photo op:
dum and dummer

4. We also picked up a new friend on the way out of town. Say hello to Sadie, she's shy.
hello beautiful

5. My hands were busy most of the time too. This is my new hat... can you tell? Look here if you are into ravelry.
prefelting hat

6. Adios amigos. It is too hot for any more computer stuff today.
leaving greenfeild

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Anonymous said...

Love that fuzzy dog.