Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Tricks

happy hooker

So while we are away I wanted to have something to do with my hands... So I am taking up a new fiber art (don't I sound smart!)

Here is my progress as of a couple days ago...

crochet practice

Since then I've learned a few more stitches... Who knows what I will have after a gazillion hours on a plane...

In other news- one more day at work- hip hip hurray!


futuregirl said...

Yay for crochet! I love crocheting on planes. It's great for passing the time. :)

erica said...

So fun! I crocheted a bit when I was younger, but I've since forgotten how and only do the knitting now. They're so compatible, though. =) What kind of yarn are you using? It looks soft, and I love the color!

erica said...

Oh, I also meant to say that I have the original SnB for knitting, and I love it! Her explanations of even complicated techniques are really easy to follow, and the projects in that book are quite diverse and inspiring.

Happy travels with your fibers! We're flying to NH on Friday for a vacation with my mom and family, so we'll have a toddler to keep our hands busy on the plane. =)

diber said...

Eeek! Fibers scare me. If textiles are so absorbing, nay, CONSUMING, I'm not sure if I could take another craft in my hands. I tell myself, not another new craft until i have a house. :-)

Have fun on your trip! yippee!

Cindy said...

One more day indeed!

I'm so excited that you are getting your life back and will soon allow it to be consumed by crochet!

See you tomorrow and then you are off to Lake Titicaca!