Sunday, July 6, 2008

Declaring Independence

I made this blog to keep track of things that inspired me and what became of it. In the last month or so I have little time to do anything at all and less time to mention it here. So here are a couple of the links that started me on the path I went down this weekend. One. Two. And there are more but they are down the rabbit hole...

So this week in the midst of crazy I bought this book.
skirts 012

I have wanted it for a while. If you know me at all you know that when it is warm it is nearly impossible to get me out of skirts. I wear them to work, in the garden, while cleaning, carrying heavy objects, chasing the dog, hiking in the forest- whatever. So you can never have too many skirts. On Friday I made one and a half. I finished the second one on Saturday. I think I spent five hours total making them. That includes making two different patterns, cutting three fabrics and all the finishing details.

wrap skirt 002

I guess I could have ironed it. A wrap skirt. I wore it yesterday to the Body Worlds Exhibit with a poofy linen shirt and felt just lovely. I want Senor to draw a tree on the front panel for me.

skirts 011

The fish print is nearly 30 years old, my mother gave it to me and I remember her wearing things made of it in Haiti. The rick-rack is from my grandmother and may have been from my great-great aunt's stash. The package said that is cost 10 cents. This skirt has a sentimentality to me that is wonderful and I am sure I will wear it to pieces.

I am so thankful for this book. The other clothes I have attempted from patterns have been- well, troublesome. I know that my sewing is all pretty much off the cuff. I certainly don't know what I am doing is right, but you know it is all geometry and logic for the most part. The commercial patterns I have tried just have not gone well so far. I have trouble finding ready made things that fit right as well so I was getting concerned.
But now I have some confidence back and can't wait to make more!


Little Apple said...

I have those little yellow flowers on my patio! And I am loving that second skirt. If you weren't emotionally attached, I'd steal it. Just kidding. Great work!

erica said...

How cool those are! I bought some fabric last week that I knew I needed to make a skirt out of, though I've never made one and need a hand. Perhaps I'll look for this book too! =)

diber said...

totally HEART this book!! (i just do't do patterns, and it's nice to know that i'm sewing sthing that will fit.

Cindy said...

Hey lady! I have a bunch of trim and ribbons and buckle and all sorts of things for you.

The patterns were all size 14, I figured that might be a little too big for you.

Miss you!

anilia said...

Thanks everyone!! I can't wait for the goodies Cindy!

sharon said...

Your work is excellent. I think the Haitian fabric that you've used is really lovely, as well as historically interesting. You have become quite the creator. Well, you've been a creator for quite some years now, you're just now exhibiting your abilities in new ways. I have one critique for you however, though it concerns the words you've written. Stop saying how much you know you work isn't up to par and other thoughts concerning that same idea. These words seem to be a theme throughout. What is the point of that? You've put something out into the world that noone else can do in the same way and you seem to have excelled at it. Why not sit back and take pride in that - and just allow that emotion to permeate...?

Mom A said...

So this is a family custom and Anilia got it from both sides, mom's and dad's, of the family. When you prepare a meal, although everything tastes great the cook must confess that something is wrong with one of the dishes. And so it must be with sewing. But you are right, we should say thank you. I am thinking I need to make a bowl of stone fish...that look like the ones on the skirt.

Lindsey said...

sew now I'm thinking maybe I CAN make skirts... this book looks inspiring. has it been easy to follow? I know once I bring my machine over from my parents' home I'll never stop making things for our new place!