Thursday, August 7, 2014

Metro Tee

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to go to the Oliver + S website and look at patterns.  Clearly a bad idea as I wanted to buy most of them.  Especially enticing was the t-shirt family pack.  A pattern for everyone in the family?  Yes, please.

I put the women's together in about three naps.  Next time it will only take two since the pattern is already cut and taped.  It was really simple.  I thought the neck was too tight at first but it is very comfortable on.  I also freaked out a bit when putting the sleeves on and matching the curves but then I remembered reading something about attaching knit sleeves on the Collette blog.  I can't find the link now but it mentioned dividing the stitches in half and starting at the top of shoulder and heading towards the armpit for each side.  Suddenly it was easy.  A very satisfying little project.

The fabric is more vintage who knows what from who knows where.  I didn't have one bit of thread in a matching red so white it was.

I am looking forward to making them for the kids wand being able to do fun applique before putting the shirt together.  Anjali clearly needs a kitty shirt and a doggie shirt.  Maybe a chicken one too. :)

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