Friday, March 7, 2014

Magical days

These days are filled with wonder.  She invites me to walk with her with one finger pointed up.  She invites me to hold her with both hands out, twisted so her little elbows touch.  I can almost hear the request, "Hold me?"
She loves to put on a necklace or my keys.  They bounce against her ankles as she walks.  She tries to put on shirts and sweaters on her own.  Over and over and over with no frustration.  She accepts help.  She toddles from place to place and tells a story as she goes.  She falls down and just crawls or gets up and goes again.  No frustration unless she is tired.  She seems to already know it is about the process, the journey.  She climbs everything she can.  She can get to the top of his loft ladder.  She is overjoyed as we are terrified.
She loves small spaces.  You'll find her in the corner cabinet any time of the day.  She climbs into the toy bin.  She loves her brother.  She looks for him at night after he goes to bed and first thing in the morning.  He treats her so sweetly and loves how she looks up to him.  He loves to feed her and make her laugh.
She splashes and giggles and walks in the bath.  She doesn't mind that he is rougher than we would like sometimes.
She is quiet most of the time, not silent, but almost never yelling to be heard over the din.  We all look to her for a few hugs and kisses and smiles when we are feeling overwhelmed.  Today when I came to get her after my sewing group she quietly gave me a full 30 second hug.  Not upset, not clinging, just welcoming with her whole being.  Such a gift, such a love.

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