Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sissie at 7 months~


Sissie 7 Mos

:Are so dang cute.
:Talk up a storm.  bahbahbah!
:Sit pretty strongly now.
:Are trying to get into crawling position.  I may or may have not knocked you over from doing this... ;)
:Seem to have the bottom teeth coming in.
:Love avocado, cucumber, tomato, pear, plum, and pretty much everything else you've tasted to far.
:Are scooting about a bit on your bum.
:Seem like you are lengthening out a bit.  Your face is changing.
:Use your lip to go, "Pop, pop, pop!" and it jiggles so sweetly and sounds an awful lot like the Monty Python coconut horse hooves.
:Also cluck your tongue. Did I mention cuteness?
:Are LOUD.
:Do this funny fist pump, punch yourself in the mouth up and down routine.
:Reach up an inquisitively grab our faces.
:Laugh at anything your brother is doing.
:"Play" your bottom lip while making noise to make the sound undulate.  This is very silly and especially helpful when you decide to "talk" to us at 3 or 4 in the morning.

{Today we dropped your brother off for his first day at preschool and then lazed in the hammock for a bit.  You just fell asleep on my chest in the ergo.  We love you more than can be expressed and enjoy your sweet company every day. xxooo- Mama, Papa & E}


OldBikeRider said...

Just caught up on your blog. Lost track when you stopped linking on FB and Google Reader went away. I think I subscribed to your blog, we shall see when you post again.

I have the same feeling about FB, would love to dump it too.

Naum Franpos said...

Wat a wonderful, beautiful and lovely baby. I hope you will raise well.

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