Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sissie at 6 Months~


at 6 months

:Are just having new hair come in.  Your little head is super fuzzy right now.
:Still can't decide on an eye color.  I think they are heading toward hazel but one is still grayer than the other and they change often.
:Think your brother is hilarious.  Even when he is shooting at you with his finger.  I'm trying to copy your attitude about all that.
:Like to sit up and be able to look around.
:Love to throw yourself backwards and then hang out upside down.
:Suck your fingers and thumb a lot.
:Are starting to get upset when I walk away (if you aren't being held by someone else.)
:Seem to have the top two teeth coming in and are not so thrilled about it.  However, you love the little chilled teething toys.
:Are trying to grab my plate and cup all the time.  Morning coffee is treacherous with you in tow.  Dinner cannot happen if I have a place mat.
:Love your Indestuctables books.  Crinkle, chomp, pull!
:Have tried a little bit of food: sweet potato, banana & peach.
:Are very concentrated and busy in your excersaucer.
:Are rolling over both ways.
: Weigh 17lbs and 2oz!
:You are 25 3/8" long.

We all adore you.  Emerson gives you hugs and kisses all the time and I would snuggle you all day long if I got the chance.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone and yet you have always seemed to be with us.


erica said...

Love that little one. :) I just adore these little updates.

DRAGON said...

Sweet baby :)
It's beautiful :)