Monday, July 22, 2013

Anjali's Quilt




A's quilt 3

A's quilt 1

Here it is.  All done.  I finished it at the sewing weekend we had at my wonderful mother's house.  I had to take a piece of rayon from her stash for the back.  It belonged to my Grammie.  None of the pictures I took of it came out, all are blurry.  But it was the perfect match and just the right size to do a fold over binding instead of attaching a separate binding piece.  This is surely cheating but I love the style.  So much faster than making binding and nicer than buying something that sort of matches.  I used this basic idea.  But then I felt it was too skinny and so I added strips on the sides.  I was afraid they'd be weird but I think it turned out just right.
I got stalled on this for a long time because the strips weren't lining up.  I finally just went for it and decided to embrace it.  I don't do perfect.  I do pretty, I do nice work, I do functional.  I'm happy with that.
I have been wanting to cross stitch for a few months.  I was excited when I finally figured out where to use those little x's bouncing around in my head.
Pretty, happy, snugly.  Yay!


jen etoile said...


OldBikeRider said...

Each of those X's represent a kiss, you know! I am so happy to have seen a little of the process.

Mom A said...

I put a picture up of the rayon you could tag it. I guess I could too, but not sure I know ya mwa

Crissy said...

It's beautiful, fresh, fun, lively, variegated, and with it not being perfectly lined up... It is perfect! Well done!