Saturday, August 18, 2012

There be monsters.


We have a new development at our house.  I believe we have some monsters that have moved in.  Or may be moving in.  Or once lived here...
Emerson was previously worried about dark places.  Usually because that alligator who lives upstairs might get him.  Now, we moved past alligators and on to the more perilous and less definable "monsters."  He has moved from a worry that could be helped by reminding him that he could just tell the alligator not to bite him and to go away and on to a complete unwillingness to enter a darkened room without a hand to hold.  I read today that this is a normal developmental milestone for his age.
The trick is, of course, we are really working hard to get him to bed on his own before the baby comes along.
His room is on the front corner of our house and because of that when cars drive by lights make strange shadows travel across his walls.  It actually isn't ever very dark in any room in our house.  You don't have to turn on lights at night to see your way to the kitchen or bathroom and his room is especially bright.  Which is why we've never used a night light before.  I am thinking we'll have to get some new batteries in his turtle and try that tonight.
In book news I am re-reading How the Irish Saved Civilization.  I love history.  I find it so relaxing to read about and learn.

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