Saturday, August 4, 2012

Collection time.


Tomorrow, we go get our Bug.  A week at Oma's house and I'm dying to get him back.  I've enjoyed the week and gotten somethings done.  But unlike last year when the whole time was just right and I wasn't really missing him, this year I have.  Is it the pregnancy hormones?  Or that I know he has had a hard time?  Or that he is adorable as a three year old?  I have no idea, but it will be good to scoop him up when we see him.
I want to show our dining room before it gets cluttered and lived in looking.  While it is still in the pristine, pre-play state.  I'm sure you'll see plenty of pictures afterwards later!

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OldBikeRider said...

Oh, have less fear, he is doing fine. Less than 1% wanting mommy, and easily persuaded to go on with some other aspect of learning about the world around him. He is sleeping in his tent, on a yoga mat, beside our bed this evening. But I understand why you miss him, he adds a warm, sticky layer to ones life. And he is so cute...