Monday, June 25, 2012

I've pretty much stopped

taking pictures.  Somehow, it isn't at all rewarding anymore.  I never seem to get a really good one even though I have a decent camera and that camera is too big to have in my pocket and catch things when they happen. 
Because of this I haven't been writing, because I always feel like a picture makes the blog.  Otherwise you are just listening to my random drivel... ;)  But, I still have that drivel running about it my head and most of it is just for me anyway, so I'll write.
I'm all wrapped up in Mary Stewart's classic Merlin and Arthur books.  That has horrific cover drawings- don't judge.  It is really good reading.  I even have John on them now.  I've read them all about a dozen times since I was in high school.  I think it is because of them that I write the way I do at all.  I just realized this when I tried to explain to John why he should read them.  It is simplistic to say, "because I read these, I am how I am." Especially since it isn't anything you could take directly- not like a how to or self help kind of book.  It is historical fantasy, and on some very famous and redone and redone again territory.   But the Merlin she writes of is just a man, mostly, who has implicit faith in his god and inner guidance and so lives in a freedom I always admired.  Taking each thing as it comes, never fearful, always sure of himself.  Or if not of himself, of his god.
This is the way I feel and think when I am the best of myself.  Listening to the voice inside and sailing down the river without over thinking- just doing and being as much as possible.  It is a wonderful and powerful feeling.  No fear of tomorrow or yesterday.
Funny enough, I didn't even have a tag in my list for books.  Which is weirder than weird if you know me at all.  I usually have a stack of things piled by the bed.  When John and I first moved in together he spent a lot of time scooting the books out of my bed to make room for himself. :)


Alisa Rock said...

I used to read alot too. Then I had children.

OldBikeRider said...

Word pictures are most sharply focused. I bet you could also go through your existing scores of pictures and choose one to include in your blog entries. Don't try too hard to make it related in time and space - just write.