Thursday, June 14, 2012



Weeks ago we took the Bug on his first camping excursion.  At least, the first he would remember.  We went for one night his first summer.  It was an awesome party for Memorial Day party with perfect weather and so many fun things to do there was never even the slightest chance for fussiness. (from anyone- myself included ;)
We set up the tent early and were ready to go in just as the perfect, warm day turned into a stormy evening.  You must imagine how exciting it is for a little boy obsessed with storms to sleep outside in a tent while the wind blows strong and the rain pours down.  I thought it was delightful, too. 


Everyone else at the party gathered in the house, but I was to happy just to sit in the tent with him and "ride out the storm."  Once we settled in, the boys slept pretty well.  In the morning it was so sad to break down the tent and head back to the city.


Perhaps one day we will live in a place where we can do this more.  Until then, we'll have to practice at friends houses.

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Mom A said...

Come practice on our porch.