Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilt Pictures!

 quilt top.JPG

 quilt dog.JPG

 quilt back.JPG



I've been working on a quilt.  With wool on the inside to keep me nice and toasty. And big summer flowers on the outside to keep me cheerful all winter long.  I got this fabric about year ago.  The wool that I used for the batting in actually a fabric someone gifted me from an old stash.  It was a huge plaid I couldn't imagine ever using but it is so warm and such a nice wool.  I knew it must have some use.  And 60" inches wide even after washing!
I practiced my embroidery to keep it in place.  I finally got the chain stitch down.  I think it is funny I waited so long....  it is so easy and pretty.  (I always say this.  Why did I wait so long to try x?  It is so easy!)
Desi liked the quilt from the beginning.  You can see the evidence on all the pictures....  That white hair really does stick.

(ps- there are even more pictures if you click on any one of these.)